WATCH: Biden’s Didn’t Just Say Gibberish Once More – This Time He Shifted His Voice

Like a real scene from the Exorcist! Spooky!

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First off, he went on to speaking gibberish during questioning by reporters. After he totally lost it, he started whispering and went into “demon” mode…


And, as always, people are here to watch and comment – that’s what social media is for, right?

Here are some of the most recent comments on the video:

“Who got him? Is he whispering the nickname of his handler?”

“Cosi got him?? 🤔 did he mean to say, Pelosi got me 🤔”

“I heard ‘close the economy’”

“I listened to him live and still didn’t get what he said”

“Tough to judge without context but this reminds of when my grandfather started thinking I was his war buddy from WW2”

“I think he said cozy got me. He overslept.”

“He’s being held hostage…”

Care to leave one from yourself?


Ava Garcia

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