WATCH: Biden Tries Explaining How Driving Across The Country With An Electric Car Went For Him

Gas went up (we all know what he did on that field and it is all because of him) and he’s trying to make a positive review for using electric cars at the very same time. Don’t get me wrong now, I love fighting for a cause, and saving the environment, going more electric is definitely a step ahead, but if we had a choice, of course. Higher gas prices are definitely not a good thing, nor for the environment, nor for the people!

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This Thursday, Biden was giving a speech on the topic – “come on, let’s promote the infrastructure bill and spread some misinformation some more, shall we”?

Trying to remember all the points he was lectured about, Biden was describing the need to replace buses and cars with electric alternatives like rail and electric cars.

“When you buy an electric vehicle, you can go across America on a single tank of gas, figuratively speaking,” Biden said. “It’s not gas. You plug it in.”

“Biden at least admitted his “tank of gas” analogy was figurative, so he apparently understands electric cars do not actually run on gas. That is where his knowledge of electric cars seems to end,” the Western Journal wrote.

They, further explained their statement.

“Biden’s suggestion that you can drive across the country in an electric car on the equivalent of one tank of gas is false on multiple levels.

First, electric cars have a shorter range than gas cars. The average electric car can travel 250-350 miles on a single charge, the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies reported. The 350-mile range is comparable to many gas cars, but UC Davis said only higher-end brands like Tesla have that range.

To most logical people, the equivalent of one tank of gas would be a full charge in an electric vehicle. Considering the country is a lot longer than 350 miles, it would be impossible to travel across the country on one charge.

Once the electric car does run out of gas, re-charging it is not nearly as simple as getting a tank of gas.

UC Davis reported in a standard 120V outlet like the ones in a normal home, a fully electric car can take 20 or more hours to charge. Even with a 240V outlet, full charging takes four to eight hours.

Some vehicles are equipped for “fast charging,” meaning they can get an 80 percent charge in about 20 minutes. That is still significantly longer than a typical stop for gas.

This is not to say that no one should buy an electric car, because they certainly have benefits. However, stopping for 20 minutes every 250-350 miles on a road trip is undoubtedly an inconvenience.”


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