WATCH: Biden Screws Up in The First Two-Seconds of His Meeting With Putin

Today is Joe Biden’s and President Putin’s big encounter.

And things are off to a difficult start for Joe, who doesn’t appear to be all that “assured.”

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Biden must be nervous since he’s carrying his new security blanket – flashcards.

We first saw them during one of his catastrophic press conferences in England, and now they’re in Switzerland for his meeting with Putin.

And he was clinging to those possessions with his life:

As former top spy Richard Grenell reminds out, the only person having “flashcards” when Trump met with Putin was Vladimir.

Biden made good use of the cards. He’s stealing a peek here.

He’s presumably trying to figure out who the person sitting next to him is.

Is that you, Jill????

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But things went from bad to worse for Bumbling Joe…

Joe had already made a mistake after only a few seconds.

Biden nodded yes when asked if he “trusts Putin.”

Oh, my goodness…

This drove the left into a tizzy, since, as you know, they’ve been indoctrinated for the past 5 years that Putin is the boogeyman.

That “nod” turned out to be a 5-alarm fire.

Almost immediately, the spin-doctors were dispatched to attempt damage control.

They concocted a half-baked tale about Biden “nodding” at the entire press corps.


I guess that question wasn’t covered in the flashcards, eh?

The meeting lasted 93 minutes, according to White House sources.

Because Biden is terrified that Putin would call him out for treating Americans who were involved in the January 6th melee like communist dictators, the two will hold separate press conferences.


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