[WATCH] Biden Keeps On Being a Creep Around Little Girls

There’s a reason Biden is known as “Creepy Joe”…

This guy has a mile-long video “rap sheet” with nonstop weird actions, including some with very young females.

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And at his most recent appearance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Biden made a beeline for two young children, telling them that he would “make sure the two girls had ice cream when this is over.”

If someone said this now, it may be thought of as “sweet” and “grandfatherly.”

Joe, though, is not one of them.

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After all, he has a lengthy and sinister past.

In fact, he recently told a young girl in a throng that she appeared to be “19 years old.”

His contacts with young females are disturbing…

Of course, conservatives’ responses to this video were incredibly hilarious:

“What is it about small girls and ice cream that makes this man so obsessed?”

“You’d think he’d try not to be a pedo at least once when he’s out in public.”

“Stop allowing him to be near your kids!!!!!”

“Last week, I literally said some odd stuff about a small kid who looked 19; how can y’all not notice a pattern?”

“All men will remember are tiny girls and ice cream.”

“I guess he just stared at them the whole time he was there, wondering what they smelled like.”

“Isn’t there a WH public relations department that keeps warning him this is creepy?”

“The Grim Reaper enjoys ice cream…those girls will require counseling.”

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