WATCH: Biden In Another Whooper!!!

Why can’t Biden tell the truth?

We aren’t shocked to hear Biden saying another lie. If sometimes he tells the truth we would be fascinated! He is constantly making up stories, and people are furious!

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It’s gotten worse now when he had lost his mind. It seems that the only things left are his lies and the nonsense he shares throughout the years.

This time, Joe Biden said that he was part of the desegregation movement from the 60s. This is a lie; he wasn’t!

This is his statement:

“I got started in politics because of the civil rights movement. I notice some of you are looking…I thought that you were wondering how does he know the black national anthem. Well because I sat in a black church after going to 7 o’clock Mass – I’m a practicing Catholic – at 9 o’clock on the east side getting ready to go out and desegregate restaurants and movie theaters.”

Take a look at the video below:

President Biden tells this lie occasionally. The first release of this lie was in the 80s, in his failed attempt at running for the WH.

His employees, back then, told him to stop telling this story, but he refused to do so.

CNN addressed this issue in 2020. Take a look at that:

However, Biden later changed the story to only one restaurant and one movie theatre. That wasn’t good enough either.

Larry Elder commented on this matter in 2019. Take a look at the video; the first 5 minutes are fascinating:

This Friday, the DC Examiner reported:

This is their statement:

“This is all a lie, one he’s told over and over and over and over again,” RNC Deputy Rapid Response Director Kyle Martinsen said in a statement.

Martinsen pointed to comments Biden made in 1987, when the then-senator described himself as sympathetic to the cause of civil rights and having worked at an “all-black swimming pool on the east side of Wilmington, Delaware” but not as an activist.

“I was not an activist. … I was not out marching,” Biden stated. “I was not down in Selma. I was not anywhere else.”

Biden said during his speech at South Carolina State University that he had attended a black church and then went out to help desegregate public accomodations in the area.

“Biden didn’t attend a Black church. He wasn’t out marching for civil rights as a teen,” the RNC statement continued. “What he was doing, decades later, was befriending white supremacists and destroying millions of Black lives.”

The president used the speech to push the Democrats’ election overhaul legislation.

Check this video:

Joe Biden is a complete fraud!

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