WATCH: Biden Goes Crazy, Yelling Loudly At The Audience At An Angry Rant!

“President” Joe Biden just can’t handle things without his handlers. And that is very, VERY obvious!

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Biden is showing his real, angry, and annoying face to the public. And I’m not quite sure if the Democrats were aware of the existence of this side of his before backing him up. But, things, even inside his cabinet, among the handlers, are not going quite well and smooth…

In the video you’re about to see below, President Biden spoke at the University of Connecticut on Friday. And then, all of a sudden, he spiraled off on one of his usual tangents.

Biden said passionately on Democracy and how it is disappearing in the world of today. And, he crippled his weird face into some grimace I have never ever seen before – while starting to yell at the audience about the importance of democracy!


Like they’re the ones disrespecting human’s rights!

Although President Biden might appear to be passionate about democracy, it should be noted that he not only signed more executive orders than any other president, but he is also trying to force a vaccine on the American people whether they want it or not. That’s true democracy.

This was also in the same speech…


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