MUST WATCH: Biden Displays NEW and Extremely Alarming “Behavior”

This happened during the climate conference

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We’re used to seeing Joe Biden stammer, stumble, and forget his words.

Also, lying, exaggerating, and repeating the same story with different facts is nothing new.

However, today’s behavior at his climate conference was new, and it was extremely alarming to watch.

I am following his career, and mostly after he became President and started showing these alarming signs of old age tr dementia, and have never seen this before.

Here are the negative comments (there have really not been any positive) on this:

Okay, how in the world do we go another 3 years with him??? Its actually very sad to see someone decline this much and be in such a public space.”

“This has to be doctored, right? Right?!? Please tell me it is, just so I can sleep at night”

“Seriously, was this edited? This can’t be real, can it?”

“The best story teller the US could find LOL”

“His disease is accelerating”

“I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry. Maybe a combination of both.”

“I’ve seen Joe bad. I’ve never seen Joe THIS BAD”

That’s new, isn’t it? The way he’s behaving is something we haven’t seen before…it’s like a sneak peak behind the medication and facade. Very scary.

“81 million, folks lol”

“Is there ANYONE that think this guy is all there?”

“This is a new and more frightening side of Joe”

I agree about this being worse than what we’ve seen before.

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