WATCH: Biden AGAIN Is The Fool In The G20 Summit Photo Session!

Of course, Biden embarrassed America again!

He can’t be as normal as other presidents are! In his trip to Rome and the G20 summit, he did what he is best at, embarrassing!

He runs around like a toddler among the influential leaders when he isn’t ‘’talking’’ to the Pope about the African American baseball players.

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Biden is frolicking and playing the jokester at the photo session in Rome, and others are staying still.

Biden was the clown at the summit while the Americans were facing many problems. We already reported that some leaders remained in their homes to solve their problems.

Biden didn’t forget to take selfies with his colleagues, where we can see some of them wear masks, surely not Biden.

He greeted some foreign dignitaries.

This Thursday, Biden also met with the Pope. “You’re the famous African-American baseball player in America,” Biden can be heard talking about baseball legend Satchel Paige.

Biden said it as a joke, but when he gave the gift to the Pope, everyone realized what he said.

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were? You’re 65. I’m 60,”

They didn’t discuss the abortion topic shared by Biden, even though the meeting was scheduled as U.S. Catholic bishops were debating whether Biden should be denied communion over his views on abortion.

“No, it didn’t,” he said when asked if abortion came up. “We just talked about the fact that he was happy that I was a good Catholic and … keep receiving communion.”

Biden added that the Pope blessed his rosary but didn’t take communion with the Pope. Furthermore, the Pope canceled the live broadcast of the meeting because he was scared of Biden’s statements.

‘’ The Vatican on Thursday abruptly canceled the planned live broadcast of U.S. President Joe Biden meeting Pope Francis, the latest restriction to media coverage of the Holy See.

The Vatican press office did not explain why the live broadcast of Biden’s visit had been trimmed to cover just the arrival of the president’s motorcade in the courtyard of the Apostolic Palace, where a Vatican monsignor will greet him.

Canceled was any live coverage of Biden actually greeting Francis in the Palace Throne Room, as well as the live footage of the two men sitting down to begin their private talks in Francis’ library, at which time the cameras normally would have stopped running.’’

Jill rescued Biden again. You can hear the laughs even though Biden didn’t say anything funny.

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