WATCH: Bare Supermarket Shelves – Truck Drivers Protest The Vaccine Mandates

The video will show you just how helpless we are when the supermarkets go out of stock with products. It is estimated that with no transportation of goods to the supermarkets, an average city would go “crippled” in no more or less than 72 hours, or, 3 days!

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That is how dependant we’ve become on the system. And the truck drivers know this, that’s why they protest and hit the system where it is thinnest.

The vaccine mandates in Australia made many people really angry, but mostly, the truck driver community decided to unite and resist, by blocking highways and disrupting the food supply chain.

According to the Daily Mail,

“Truck drivers across Australia are gearing up to block major highways and disrupt food supplies to protest against Covid-19 lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations.

The demonstration, to be held on Monday morning at a secret location south of Brisbane, has been organized by furious truckies promising to bring the roadways in the River City to a standstill.

Tony Fulton, a popular Australian truck driver who has legions of fans for his Tones Truckin Stories social media page, has become the latest in the industry to post a video vowing to take part in the protest.

‘I’m someone that does a bit of research,’ Mr. Fulton claimed.

‘From what I’ve seen from my research with credible scientists and doctors and stuff, I do not want to get this vaccine.

‘I am more scared of the vaccine than the virus. Honestly, it scares the living hell out of me.’

supermarkets have urged the shoppers not to panic, but there are series of videos that went viral online, showing rogue truckies warning the logistics operations nationwide, that a halt will be brought, starting from 9 am on Tuesday, as drivers will ‘block every highway entering into every state at the same time.”


Drivers are protesting against the announced new Covid regulations, which in some states order regular testing and vaccination for authorized workers who cross domestic borders.


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