WATCH: Bannon Connects The Dots Between Arizona And Michigan In The Latest Bomb

Despite the desperate hopeless efforts by the Dems, the Arizona audit has already generated some pretty head-turning results…

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On his show, Steve Bannon had a “friendly chat” with the Constitutional attorney, Matt De Perno, in which they dropped a huge bombshell, tying together the Arizona problems to other inconsistencies that happened in the state of Michigan during the elections!

Watch the dropping bomb here:

Guys, I don’t know about you, but “I’ve been in politics” for way too long to still believe in coincidences.

And, according to some other relevant information, presented by the Daily Mail,

“Multiple women claimed a man who worked in the Republican-backed Arizonaelection audit made unwanted sexual advances towards them.

The aggressive and angry outbursts, one woman told Arizona’s Family Investigates, ‘seemed to stem from some type of anger over women having authority over him.’

Another woman told the Arizona TV news station, ‘Any time he would come across someone he considered attractive or a woman, he would harass them, things like trying to demand dates, things like making sexual comments.’

She said the comments turned into unwanted touching and other physical advances but didn’t go into detail about how far the physical contact went.”


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