WATCH: The Awkward Surprise CNN Gets While Doing An Interview On Oklahoma Diners

“My body, my choice” – the slogan that became a synonym for pro-abortion.

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And, when people and authorities tried to use the same slogan as a way to justify the will to get vaccinated against COVID 19, was proven more upsetting than in the case with abortion!

This is what CNN came to know after visiting Boise City, Oklahoma.

“Does anybody in this restaurant think it’s a good idea to take the vaccine?” reporter Gary Tuchman asked. “Raise your hand if you think it’s a good idea.”

After this, you can notice how all the people inside the traditional dinner stayed sitting still in uncomfortable silence, apparently hesitating about getting the COVID 19 vaccine!

“Not one person here thinks it’s a good idea?” Tuchman asked in disbelief. “Complete quiet.”

“I don’t trust the government and I don’t trust Biden,” one resident said after he began interviewing them in a smaller round of groups of people.

Suddenly, they became more talkative and open for discussion, at the same time fearlessly explaining their personal opinions.

“They just started rolling them out,” another said.

The video represents only one individual who supported taking the vaccine shot.

And when Tuchman asked him to explain his decision, he succinctly said, “My wife.” (i find this hilarious!)

This is a poorly filmed interview, failing to give the wanted and long-searched enthusiasm among the population for the COVID 19 vaccines.

What is your personal opinion on vaccination?

I will just leave this clip hanging here, to represent my own personal opinion and questions on this subject.


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