WATCH: As Soon as Joe Biden Begins to Ask Yet Another Rambling Question, the White House Feed is Cut Off

I have to say, I had a good laugh at this one… I mean, we can either laugh or cry at this point. I decided to laugh today.

Joe, who in this clip has the energy level of a cadaver, is desperately attempting to spit out a question, and the Handler knows how this will go, so he simply shuts the feed and flashes up the “Thanks for watching!!!” sign.

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It was all really amusing – so typical of this so-called “presidential” gong show.

When the disaster was announced and the feed was disconnected, Biden was in Boise.

According to Capradio, Biden is on his way to California to campaign for Newsom (LOL). He’ll begin his journey this morning in Boise, Idaho, where he’ll meet with officials from the National Interagency Fire Center. He’ll then fly over El Dorado County to speak with local fire officials and conduct an aerial tour of the Caldor Fire’s destruction.

The Cador Fire, which has burned over 219,000 acres and damaged over 1,000 structures, including 782 residences, has prompted Biden to declare a major disaster. The FEMA declaration implies that affected areas will be eligible to receive federal assistance to help them recover.

Biden was cut off like an alcoholic on last call during that Bosie stop.

The following is a link to a video:

Here’s what some people on the internet had to say:

“That man ain’t in charge of shite.”

“Another strong, professional performance by the Biden admin LOL”

“I see this stuff and I feel like we’re living in the Twilight zone” 

“Why are we all pretending this is normal behavior for a president?” 

“This is the new way that they’re controlling Joe because he’s getting so out of hand ” 

Maybe Joe was going to inquire as to whether tornadoes exist. Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

And, while I agree that Biden is “managed” by others, I believe he has far more influence over events than we previously recognized — which is concerning.

Either that, or the individuals around him have late-stage dementia and a history of total and complete failure.

Which, I suppose, may also be true.

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