[WATCH] Amazingly Funny “Kamala Memorial Day” Video Goes Viral

This is a woman I adore.

She does a fantastic Kamala impersonation…

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It’s the way she laughs so loudly and nervously that gets to me.

She executed an incredibly amazing spoof on Kamala at the border.

Take a look:


She’s back, and this time she’s mocking Kamala Harris’s terrible “Memorial Day” tweet, in which she wished everyone a “long weekend” instead of remembering our fallen American heroes.

Kamala is a communist who despises America and the patriotic “Republican-leaning” military, which is why she is unable to recognize our fallen heroes.

Kamala was roundly chastised by furious Americans for her callous and disrespectful statement.

It was just another blemish on Biden’s terrible presidency.

That’s why you’ll love this parody so much — and, as a bonus, it’s probably quite similar to the “genuine thing.”

The following is a link to a video:


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