WATCH: Amazing Trish Regan Exposes The COVID Plot Of The Left – Ended Up Fired

Do you remember Trish Regan?

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She was a victim of the Democrat’s Fox regime. She got fired over cancelling to work for the lefties regime in the network and supporting President Trump despite all.

Now she has released a brand new statement, still dropping truth bombs. This time, she discussed political matter with the conservative pundit, Buck Sexton, explaining the true motives behind the large COVID relief bill that Biden and his administration delivered right after they took over office.

Here’s the transcript, from Buck Sexton:

“Democrats are politicizing coronavirus in an attempt to have a massive wealth transfer,” said Trish Regan the host of “Trish Intel Show” on “Hold the Line” with Buck Sexton.

The $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, known as American Rescue Plan, passed Wednesday by the House of Representatives and signed into law by President Biden on Friday.

“I said a year ago they had politicized coronavirus in an attempt to take down the [Trump] administration,” continued Regan. “Well, now they’re politicizing coronavirus in an attempt to have a massive wealth transfer. And again, it’s just a down payment. This is the way of the future. They want a big government. They want lots of spending, and they want to be able to bail out all these blue states that made bad decisions.”

“This is money we do not have. This is money we should not be spending right now. I mean, look, if you said to me, OK, 10 months ago we needed this because they had to shut down the entire economy and kind of get it. But right now, you know what [Biden] said, we’re at war with the virus. Sure, we’ve been at war. And guess what? We’re winning the war and we’re now near the end of the war.”

And watch the video here:

The virus not only that crushed the economy, destroying dozens of thousands of lives, but it also opened the door for entrance to the Democrats…

Coincidence?! What do you think?


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