WATCH: Actor Jon Voight is Furious at Hunter Biden And He Lets it All Out

Hunter Biden seems to get away with everything.

Nothing will happen to him if he drives a rental car and leaves his crack paraphernalia in it.

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He can plan “pay to play” with the US Vice President and get away with it.

Hunter can buy a gun illegally and not face any consequences.

Isn’t it wonderful to be a privileged Biden?

They don’t follow our guidelines.

They don’t just get a break from “law and order”; they also get a respite from societal issues.

Nobody bats an eye if Hunter refers to his white lawyer as “N-word.” Nobody bats an eye when he tells a “matchmaker” that he doesn’t want any “yellow” Asian women.

But Don Jr. and Eric Trump are terrible bigots because – I don’t know, for some unknown reason – the media rips them and Trump to bits.

It’s revolting to watch…

Conservative actor Jon Voight, for one, has had enough and is now ripping racist/spoiled Hunter a new one.

Jon doesn’t hold back in this situation. Not only does he criticize Hunter, but he also criticizes the disgusting propaganda media.

The following is a link to a video:

Jon, I agree.

It takes a lot of courage for Hollywood celebrities to speak up for what is right, and we need and appreciate it.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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