WATCH: Abandoned US Contract Service Dogs in Kabul Are Filmed Roaming the Airport — Biden Lies

US contract dogs were abandoned at the Kabul airport when the last American jet left on Monday, according to The Gateway Pundit.
According to reports, the canines left behind were from the Kabul Small Animal Rescue.

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The president and CEO of American Humane, Dr. Robin R. Ganzert, issued a statement condemning the animal abuse.

“I am heartbroken to learn that the United States government is leaving Kabul, leaving courageous U.S. military contract working dogs to be tortured and slaughtered by our adversaries. These heroic dogs perform the same dangerous, life-saving task as our military working dogs, and they deserved far better treatment than they have received.

American Humane even volunteered to assist with transportation and give the dogs with lifelong medical care.

An open letter published on Aug. 30 by American Humane, an animal protection organization, chastised the military for allegedly abandoning animals that assisted the US.

Meanwhile, someone on social media circulated a photo of dogs in cages in front of a chopper with captions implying that the animals were abandoned by the United States.

Later, the Pentagon and the Biden administration notified reporters that they did not leave any dogs in cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport, including military worker dogs.

Despite the fact that the dogs were lined up, serial liar John Kirby claimed they were not US pets left behind.

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When the Americans left the canines stranded at the airport, the Taliban claimed the dogs were turned loose.

When the Americans left the canines stranded at the airport, the Taliban claimed the dogs were turned loose.

However, we now have unique video of service dogs running amok at Kabul Airport.

courtesy of Lance Migliaccio

The collars are identical to those used by the military. They all lied about not leaving the dogs in Kabul: the Pentagon, Joe Biden, and everyone else.


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