WATCH: A Trump Supporter Recently Gave Jim Acosta’s New Show a Much-Needed “Makeover”

Jim Acosta has returned, and he’s as desperate as ever.

He’s now the host of his own CNN show, and he’s doing everything he can to boost the show’s ratings.

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CNN, on the other hand, is on life support.

Jimmy, on the other hand, will not be deterred. He has the ability to turn any scenario into a complete show – all that’s missing is the dramatic organ music.

It’s the same ridiculous, theatrical stuff he did when he was a member of the White House Press Corps.

It’s hilarious to watch because Jim is such an easy target to mock.

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And, since we’re on the subject of “making fun,” one Trump supporter recently made a funny spoof video ridiculing Acosta’s show.

Jimmy received a makeover, and it looks great on him.

The following is a link to a video:


And it’s not just this video that’s putting Acosta in his place; these user comments are also putting him in his place:

“I keep playing the first two seconds, “I’m sorry”…oddly satisfying. Not enough, but it’s a start.”

“No respect when you start out with, “I’m sorry”.”

N”ever heard of him. What country is he from. English seams broken.”

“OMG. President Trump lives rent free in their heads. Trump is our president that’s why.”

“Want to increase ratings? Do your own investigative journalism and REPORT THE TRUTH…Seems simple huh?”

Who came up with the brilliant idea of giving Jim his own show?

They should have given the man who cleans the CNN restrooms his own show.

I’m really excited to check Jimmy’s ratings!

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