WATCH: A Florida Man Was Arrested For “Burnouts” On the Gay Pride Street Flag

Why do we need to have gay pride and BLM flags painted on our streets in the first place?

We can’t even set up a “manger scene” for Christmas, but we’re celebrating someone’s sexuality and spreading Marxist propaganda all over our streets?

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This isn’t inclusivity; praising the gay lifestyle in this way is progressive indoctrination, not acceptance.

We don’t need to celebrate what gay people do in the privacy of their beds in our country’s crossroads because they are allowed to live their lives anyway they choose in this country.

And this has outraged a lot of people, and properly so. A lifestyle decision should be a personal one that isn’t shoved down every American’s throat…

Christians don’t parade their lifestyle in public, and gays shouldn’t either.

Now, a Florida man has been detained in Del Ray for doing a “burnout” on the gay flag.

Alexander Jerich drove his pickup vehicle into the crossroads and spun his back tires for 15 seconds, creating black tire streaks over the intersection’s rainbow stripes. Jerich has been charged with $1,000 in criminal mischief, dangerous driving, and prejudice evidence (felony enhancement).

The following videos are available to view:

I understand that “burnouts” on the street are dangerous, or whatever.

It’s even worse to push a progressive message on the streets.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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