WATCH: A Distant Tribe Mourns The Death Of Prince Phillip – Their Incarnated God!

Though the people from this tribe are light-years away from civilization and politics, they are in grief for the loss of Phillip!

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Since, in their sayings, they thought of him as an incarnation of their God on Earth!

The Vanuatu tribe – villagers on the island of Tanna in the South Pacific Ocean,  see Prince Philip as a “recycled descendant of a very powerful spirit or god that lives on one of their mountains,” anthropologist Kirk Huffman stated for BBC News.

He refers to this as “The Prince Phillipp Movement.” Since he has studied the tribe for a very long time, he believes the movement has begun back in the 1970s. The anthropologist believes that the villagers might have seen a picture of Duke Phillip and the Queen on the walls of British colonial outposts, back when Britain and France were still in control and governance of the island.

The island of Tanna is not a primitive island – on the contrary. It has an airport, other technologies and video, TV as well as Internet and cell-phones are available – but the tribe has chosen to live this simple life in the jungles.

Though they have civilization right on the peak of their hands – it is not a physical thing distant for them – it’s metaphysical. We might say they are light years back from our civilization – but, on the other hand, they might be thinking exactly the same thing for us – getting closer to the machines, and further from the touch of our true selves.

“The connection between the people on the island of Tanna and the English people is very strong … We are sending condolence messages to the Royal Family and the people of England,” tribal leader Chief Yapa said, Reuters reports.

“Their culture sees Tanna as the origin of the world, and they aim to promote peace. Some villagers have come to believe Prince Philip is the fulfillment of a prophecy of a tribesman who “left the island, in his original spiritual form, to find a powerful wife overseas.” The villagers believe Prince Philip has become one of them and was on a mission to “plant the seed of Tanna kastom culture at the heart of the Commonwealth and empire.” They believe was trying to bring peace and respect for tradition to England, with the help of his wife.”

“If he was successful, then he could return to Tanna – though one thing preventing him was, as they saw it, white people’s stupidity, jealousy, greed, and perpetual fighting,” Chief Yapa said.

“It’s a hero’s journey, a person who sets off on a quest and literally wins the princess and the kingdom,” he explained.

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