[WATCH] A Different Celebrity Gets Red-Pilled – “Crocodile Dundee”

The state of California is a complete catastrophe.

It’s overcrowded, overpriced, filthy, crime-ridden, and the economy is in shambles.

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It’s hard to imagine how someone will live there – but there are a lot of awesome patriots who live there, so something must hold them there!

However, there seems to be a mass migration from California, as many people realize that the state is no longer at the top of its game.

How do you get the majority of your information?

nd one actor in particular is itching to get out: Crocodile Dundee’s Paul Hogan is popping red pills and exiting as well.

The Australian native has been airing his grievances with the state, particularly with regard to the state’s well-known homeless problem, which has gotten so bad, according to Hogan, that he has had to post a threatening letter on his house.

Watch the following video:

It was early May, and officials in this Northern California city were scrambling to figure out how to prevent COVID-19 from infiltrating the region’s celebrated parks and trails. For years, the number of homeless people in Sonoma County had been steadily decreasing — before it suddenly increased, compounded by soaring housing prices and three devastating wildfire seasons in the last four years that destroyed thousands of homes.

The city’s homeless problem seemed to emerge out of nowhere. With the arrival of COVID-19, hundreds of people living in shelters, tents, and temporary shanties, as well as service providers and first responders, faced a crippling health threat.

Gov. Gavin Newsom had called on cities and counties to urge hotel operators to open their doors to people living on the streets whose age and health made them vulnerable in the weeks before the virus made its first advance across California. However, city officials in Santa Rosa, which relies heavily on tourism, realized they’d never be able to find enough business owners willing to volunteer their establishments. Tom Schwedhelm, then-mayor of Santa Rosa, came up with the concept of pitching hundreds of tents in the parking lot of a gleaming community center in the wealthy neighborhood of Finley Park, a few miles west of the city’s central business district.


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