WATCH: A Brilliant Plan From Marjorie Taylor Greene to Get Rid of Fauci

In record time, Dr. Fauci went from “superstar” to “bottom of the barrel.”

We on the right have known for a long time that Fauci was a fake, and we’ve also known about his ghastly “gain of function” studies, thanks to Fox News anchor Steve Hilton.

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The fake news media has only just caught on — or chose to report on it.

Of course, all of this has been obvious for years; the problem is that we have a media that isn’t interested in facts or truth. Our vile media serves exclusively to promote Democrat talking lines and demonize “Orange Man Bad.”

As a result, wicked little worms like Fauci are permitted to continue doing their perverted bidding and are even elevated to the status of “heroes.”

Fauci has thankfully fallen from grace, but it took much too long.

So, what are we going to do with him now?

The Biden administration is adamant about not firing Fauci, but that hasn’t prevented Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from thinking she’s devised a fantastic method to do it.

It’s known as the “Fire Fauci Act,” and it aims to reduce Dr. Fauci’s taxpayer-funded salary from the highest in the country to $0.

That’s about how much he’s worth.

The following is a link to a video:

We need to keep the pressure on Fauci and the Biden administration, and measures like this, which will very certainly fail, are effective weapons in the court of public opinion and keep the information coming.
The more attention paid to him, the more probable Fauci will be pushed to step down.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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