WARNING: SENSITIVE CONTENT: Another Hillary’s Friend Suspicious Death

Coincidences??? I don’t think so…

However, it is my responsibility to once again warn you that the story you’re about to read is extremely disturbing and tragic.

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Do you still believe in coincidences after all the things you’ve read about lately?

Me personally – not.

This woman died very tragically, with her 5-month-old baby in her hands!

According to the story published by The Sun,

“he wealthy socialite was found with her five-month-old daughter at the bottom of a block of apartments, it has been reported in local media.

It is not known who the father of her child was, although Luo appeared to confirm she was a single mum on social media shortly before her death.

News that such a wealthy and successful woman could have taken her own life has shocked people in Hong Kong.

The 34-year-old had appeared happy on social media in the days leading up to her death.

She recently shared pictures on Instagram with her baby daughter, describing her as a “gift from God”.

On the surface, her life appeared to be perfect.

She was the only daughter of Luo Lin, the chairman of the Chengdu real estate company Jinlin Real Estate, whose family had been involved in Chinese medicine for six generations.

Luo started her first business at the age of 28, before founding her most successful company TriBeluga in 2014, designed to support entrepreneurs in China, the US, and South Korea.

Her rich family had given her the best education money could buy sending her to study in America while she also lived in Switzerland and Australia.”

Was she suffering from post-natal depression, or is it something else?

However, the tragedy is still being investigated…


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