WARNING: Pandemic Has 5 Stages- We Are In The First One! Fauci Stated!

Dr. Fauci lives his best life during the C-19 pandemic, and he doesn’t want it to end! 

Currently, he is worth more than $10 million, and he is regarded as a celebrity person! The pandemic is doing a great job for him. 

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He joined the opening day of Klaus Schwab’s Davos Agenda, where he criticized the First Amendment and discussed the C-19 misinformation in the US.

“One of the things the entire world is facing, but we certainly are facing it in a very, very disconcerting way in the United States is the amount of disinformation that is accompanying what should be a problem that everyone pulls together against a common enemy, which is the virus,” he said. “We have disinformation that is entirely destructive to a comprehensive public health endeavor.”

According to Fauci, a pandemic has five stages, and we are currently in the first one! 

These are the five phases according to Fauci: 

  1. Negative Impact– where we are! 
  2. Deceleration: “It is an open question as to whether or not Omicron is going to be the live virus vaccination that everyone is hoping for because you have such a great deal of variability with new variants emerging,” he said.
  3. Control: “Control means you have it present, but it is present at a level that does not disrupt society,” Fauci says.
  4. Elimination: The elimination of a pandemic occurs when the virus still exists in the world, but it has been eradicated from certain regions or countries. Fauci gives the example of polio, which has been eradicated from many countries in the Global North. Fortune reported.
  5. Eradication: “That’s not going to happen with this virus,” Fauci said.

Watch the video below: 

The Gateway Pundit Fortune YouTube

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