WARNING: Mass Johnson & Johnson Vaccination Stopped In Colorado Due To Its Side Effects

Officials confirmed that Colorado’s mass coronavirus vaccination was stopped after numerous side effects were noticed.

Many people wanted to receive the vaccine, but now, they were all turned away because the side effects reports surfaced.

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The vaccine that caused these severe side effects is Johnson & Johnson. At this point, we don’t know if it would reopen.

Read more details about the development of the event.

J&J vaccine was supposed to protect the people from the CCP virus. But, now it’s worthless because too many terrible side effects appeared.

Moreover, some cases ended up fatally, so the vaccination site has been shut down!

The Epoch Times confirmed and shared the following piece.

A mass vaccination site at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Colorado was shut down after several adverse reactions to the Johnson & Johnson CCP virus vaccine, said Centura Health, which is managing the site.

More than 600 people who had appointments were turned away from the “Vaccines for All” event in Commerce City after 11 people who were administered the shot developed adverse reactions during the on-site observation period, Kevin Massey, a spokesperson for Centura Health, told local news outlets.

“Following the administration of the J&J vaccine and during onsite observation, we saw a limited number of adverse reactions to the vaccine,” Centura Health said in a separate statement. “We followed our protocols and, in an abundance of caution, made the decision—in partnership with the state—to pause operations for the remainder of the day.”

The Colorado Department of Public Health said some patients experienced nausea and dizziness after getting the J&J vaccine, while Centura confirmed that nine individuals were monitored on-site and were sent home, and two individuals were taken to nearby hospitals out of an abundance of caution.

“Over 1,700 patients received their shots today. And the 640 patients who were unable to receive their vaccine this afternoon will automatically be rescheduled for Sunday, April 11, at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. Our goal is to continue to vaccinate Coloradans as quickly as possible while keeping our patients’ safety at the forefront,” said Centura.

Massey told the Denver Post that the number of people who experienced adverse reactions was about 0.8 percent.

“We followed our protocol. And, in an abundance of caution, made the decision—in partnership with the state—to pause operations for the remainder of the day,” Massey said.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a one-dose vaccine for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes COVID-19. That’s opposed to the two-shot Moderna and Pfizer vaccines that are also approved for emergency use in the United States.

Before Wednesday’s event, the state health department recorded 10 reactions at Colorado’s community mass-vaccination sites, according to the paper.

Reactions to COVID-19 vaccines have been reported in recent weeks, including a Virginia man who suffered a reported skin reaction after what doctors said was from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Colorado Health officials, following the closure of the site, stressed that getting the vaccine is “far safer than getting severely sick with COVID-19.”

Among the most common side effects, were dizziness and nausea. Some people even had to receive medical help.

According to the latest data shared, approximately 1/3 of the American population received at least one jab of the vaccine. We cannot conclude how many Americans want to receive the vaccine.

However, reports on the vaccines’ side effects cause doubt about their safety.

The New York Post shared a report including more information about the reported side effects.

”The 11 people who suffered adverse reactions to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine — prompting the closure of a vaccination site in Colorado — experienced symptoms including nausea and dizziness, according to health officials.

Two people within that group were also taken to the hospital for further observation, the Denver Post reported, citing a statement from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The nine others were treated with juice and water, state officials said.

The health department stressed that the side effects experienced Wednesday were “consistent with what can be expected” with the one-shot dose. It said the decision to close the vaccination site at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City was made out of an abundance of caution.

“The state has no reason to believe that people who were vaccinated today at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park should be concerned,” the health department said.

“In most cases, discomfort from fever or pain after getting the vaccine is normal.”

More than 1,700 people were jabbed at the site on Wednesday — and the 11 who fell ill-represented just 0.8 percent, noted Kevin Massey, a spokesman for Centura Health.

“We followed our protocols and, in an abundance of caution, made the decision — in partnership with the state — to pause operations for the remainder of the day,” Massey told the Denver Post.”

However, the vaccine is not mandatory. The Americans can decide on their own if they will take the shot or no.

Will you get the vaccine?

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