WARNING: 5G Towers Activation KILLS C-19 Vaccinated People!

Telecommunications megacorporations want to launch the upgraded 5G network this January. They want to do so even though there is plenty of evidence that this rollout would cause a catastrophe and death, especially among the vaccinated population.

SGT Report’s host, Sean, emphasized that there is evidence indicating 5G towers emitting a kind of electromagnetic waves that attack people’s bodies. He shared one video from La Quinta Columna. La Quinta COlumna is a Spanish-language media outlet, and they are famous for being the first independent outlet to report that C-19 shots have a toxic substance called graphene oxide.

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The Spanish media outlet shared a clip of a man who parked his bike next to a 5G tower and suddenly collapsed out of nowhere.

The founder of La Quinta Columna, Ricardo Delgado Martin, emphasized that the CCTV camera that captured the collapse had a glitch in its video feed less than a second before the event happened.

Delgado says that the glitch is triggered by the man’s collapse, which was caused by the 5G tower next to him.

Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano stated that this is evidence that 5G towers emit a pulse that affects human health.

“This is the proof,” said Luis in Spanish. “Because it’s no longer a matter of the guy falling over from something internal to him, but there’s an external trigger that’s caught on camera… That would explain why so many people are suddenly dropping dead here and there right now.”

“It looks like a gunshot, but it’s an electromagnetic pulse at the speed of light,” said Delgado. “And it’s being recorded by the camera as glitching, which is normal.”

“The glitch in the video suggests some sort of, maybe electromagnetic pulse or energy weapon may have been used in murdering that man.”

C-19 Vaccines make people more susceptible to 5G.

Delgado and Luis showed their concerns about the fully vaccinated population because they are more susceptible to these pulse attacks because they have graphene oxide in their bodies.

In July 2021, a University of Almeria professor found that the Pfizer shot was nothing else but graphene oxide. The magnets in the body can cause deadly complications.

“If the person [in the video] is vaccinated and has graphene already located in the heart and if, in addition, the person is exercising, well, it’s impossible to be clearer,” said Delgado.

“That was a pulse multiplied by graphene,” remarked Luis. He also added that he got reports from patients of heart palpitations because of the density in the 5G waves.

“As if they were in a spaceship,” said Luis. “Or that they went out to a planet that is not ours.”
The feeling is caused by the electromagnetic fields in the air by the 5G towers.

“What works [in the body] stops doing so … you lose consciousness,” said Luis. “Some people recover and say,

‘What the heck happened to me?’ But in some people, the process is so fast that they don’t recover again. They end up in the cardiorespiratory arrest, and it’s over.”

A person who got hit by the 5G tower’s electromagnetic pulse had graphene in the body, and that person is less likely to shrug off an electromagnetic pulse.

Watch the shocking report below:

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