Wanna Know How Twitter Manipulated Elections?

By the way – it’s WAAAAY worse than shadow banning!

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Twitter bans and Facebook ‘jail’ isn’t the worse thing that these globalist platforms did. Not even close.

The mind control and pyscho-welfare is far worse.

The fear of missing out.

The fear of not being good enough…

But also, read these BioClandestine posts, in whoch he explains exactly what Twitter was doing to control the narrative and to control how YOU and all Americans think….I think you’ll be blown away:

“Everyone needs to pay close attention to the aftermath of the Elon news. Closely examine how the enemy responds. They reveal most when they are desperate. They get sloppy and obvious when under duress.

And right on cue, the current deep state assets at Twitter are mass deleting their bot farms. The politically charged entities operating Twitter are in a mass frenzy trying to cover up all of their nefarious Orwellian activity.

Why is bot deletion significant? Well firstly it proves that Twitter uses bots. Which in of itself is Orwellian, deceptive, and evil in nature. For those who don’t know how it works, Twitter and other social media sites use bots they control, to prey on human’s emotional and psychological natural groupthink tendencies.

For example, let’s say Twitter uses thousands of bots to like a tweet about the Pfizer vaccine. That tweet gets more interactions via algorithm manipulation due to likes, more people see it, and real users are naturally inclined to agree with something if they see thousands of other people agree with it, not wanting to be left out from the group, they like the tweet, the cycle continues. Next thing you the tweet has 60k likes, even though the majority of people don’t agree with it and lots of the likes are from bots. Same with how they will decide what is “Trending” based on what they want you to see and not based on actual numbers of what people are talking about. As well as giving more credibility to their liberal blue checkmark bootlickers by jacking up their follower counts with bots. It’s pretty messed up human psychological manipulation.

When they compound the bot usage with algorithm/hashtag manipulation, and censorship of dissenting voices; they can directly alter they way people perceive the overall public opinions on differing subjects. Giving them the ability to sway public opinion via psychological manipulation. Essentially making the sheep believe a false reality that they create.

In layman’s terms, they have been brainwashing the shit out of everyone and now they are trying to cover their asses before Elon gets his foot in the door and puts it all on blast.

They can’t have the sheep knowing about the bots because the bots proves the “what” the “why” and the “how”. Which will ultimately lead us to the “who”, which is what they fear most.

What: psychological manipulation

Why: to control the public perception and groupthink to alter election outcomes and use the sheep to do their bidding

How: bots, censorship, algorithm/hashtag manipulation, demonetization as punishment for wrongspeak, etc.

As for the “who”, the public will be forced to ask themselves, “who benefits from censoring conservative voices, silencing damaging TRUE stories about the Biden family, and altering elections in favor of the globalist agenda?”

We all know who’s behind it, but for those still asleep, they will be forced to have an internal dialogue with the coming revelations as Elon revamps Twitter.

The enemy will tell you everything with their actions. It would behoove all of us to watch Twitter closely.


On point, right?

But wait – here’s part 2!

This is the video he’s referring to:

So they are threatened now – and they don’t mind saying the quiet part out loud?

You don’t say…

We Love Trump Twitter

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