Wanna Hear The Truth about Health Freedom and Big Pharma?

The brand new revelation series under the name ‘Propaganda Exposed’ is scheduled for May 4th – and it’s only about a week away!

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Ty and Charlene Bollinger were recently named to the “Disinformation Dozen.”

According to the group “Science-Based Medicine,” which produced the hitlist, the Bollingers are part of a small group of twelve sources responsible for two-thirds of all anti-vaccine messaging on Facebook and Twitter.

They are also the creators of the popular webpage –

Here’s more to it.

“The Bollinger’s journey started more than 25 years ago, shortly after their marriage in 1996. Ty’s father Graham suddenly went to the hospital with stomach pain. In the course of a few hours, the diagnosis went from gallstones to “advanced stomach cancer,” and surgeons removed 75% of Graham’s stomach. In less than a month, he was dead, at just 52 years old.

After Graham’s death, the Bollingers began a quest to learn everything they could about treating cancer. They had good reason to: Over the next two and a half decades another six of their family members died of cancer. Through their research, the Bollingers discovered treatments used for decades, all around the world, that patients in the U.S. are not allowed to try.

The Bollingers are fighting for the freedom to choose: The freedom to receive chemotherapy, or not receive it, the freedom to attempt a treatment or not, without a hospital holding veto power over a person’s health decisions.

Besides their work on cancer, the Bollingers also campaign for individual freedom on vaccines, which has only increased the desire of the press and the medical establishment to see them censored and silenced.

Of course, anybody that the authorities are trying to shut down from speaking, we want to talk to on this show.

The Bollingers also have a new eight-episode documentary series coming out next week, titled “Propaganda Exposed: The Truth about Health Freedom and Big Pharma.” If you watch you’ll catch some guests we’ve had on this program, including Robert Kennedy Jr. and Roger Stone, plus many others. That series launches on May 4.”

That’s next week on Wednesday.

Here’s the link:

Rumble Red Voice Media Propaganda Exposed

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