Wal-Mart REFUSED To Fill Ivermectin To Save A Life! Marine Filed A Lawsuit!

In his five years of serving his country, Bill Salier, a Marine, got shot at by snipers in Mogadishu. He had to guard the Presidency against threats on station at Camp David in impressive security clearance. In the next 20 years, he framed 250 acres in Iowa producing corn, soybeans, and pigs to feed Americans.

The local Wal-Mart pharmacist didn’t trust him and didn’t fill a life-saving Ivermectin when C-19 infected him last month.

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Marine denied medicine by the multinational retailer for invalid reasons.

“I was very concerned I was going to die,” Salier said. “I was falling asleep during my Doctor’s medical examinations. They told me I was in the midst of a ‘Cytokine storm,’ and 8-9 days in, I was praying for a miracle because my body was failing me. I’ve been active and strong my entire life, but I was in desperate shape and couldn’t form words even to communicate the incredible pain I was feeling all over my body.”

Salier had tremendous pain, a sore throat, the hair felt like needles in his head, and he struggled with diarrhea.

For nine days, he couldn’t move; even his wife Karla panicked, and right before they both realized her symptoms were only a few days behind his! He has gotten the C-19 virus too.

“We tried to get monoclonal treatment from the Minnesota Department of Health, but they never got back to us,” he said. Salier never doubted that COVID was real; a beloved relative of his wife had died from the virus six months earlier in a nursing home. Desperate, they sought monoclonal treatment in Osage, Iowa, at the Mercy clinic only to be told there was one bag left, and it wouldn’t be for him.

“I kept getting worse. It kept getting worse, and we didn’t know what to do.”

The local Doctor didn’t want to give them Ivermectin because the FDA hasn’t approved it for that purpose. It wasn’t really clear if the Doctor believed this or they were following hospital policy.

The wife and husband were concerned about their health condition and their pain due to the infection. So, the man contacted Steve Deace, a national talk show host working with the Blaze radio network.

Deace put in touch with Dr. Mollie James. She has been a C-19 whistleblower who wanted to share with the public that Ivermectin will stop symptoms.

“After dropping off the prescription, and I’m passed out cold at this point for nearly the entire day, the Wal-Mart pharmacist calls my wife and arrogantly tells her that he’s not comfortable with this prescription and refuses to fill it. My wife tells him that’s not his right, and he corrects her and says that it is his right, he’s exercising it, and hangs up.”

Pharmacist Refuses Life-Saving Medicine!

Ivermectin is a miracle drug, and in the past, it was FDA approved for different diseases for human use. Even though the MSM claim it is a horse dewormer, it isn’t correct.

The MSM disinformation cost lives and almost took Salier and his wife.

“He said I’m not comfortable filling those prescriptions, and I, of course, asked why not,” James told the Gateway Pundit. “And he tells me that they’re not FDA-approved. And I said to him that that’s curious because, on hold, I heard an advertisement for COVID vaccines at Wal-Mart that are similarly not FDA-approved. So clearly, FDA approval is not a standard that your company goes by. I pointed out to him the only one that was FDA approved is not available in the United States. I asked for his name and license number, and instead of giving it, he just hung up on me.”

Dr. James talked to Wal-Mart and asked to talk with the pharmacist in question, who again didn’t want to prescribe the drug.

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do,” the pharmacist told the couple as they fight not only the virus but arrogant multinational corporations that are denying medicine for political motives.

“I couldn’t believe what we were doing, but we had no choice but to go to the veterinarian shop and buy horse-grade Ivermectin. We knew we were gambling with our health, we knew this was risky, but we didn’t know what else to do,” Salier said.

Later, Dr. James contacted Hy-Vee’s pharmacist, who told her that the pharmacy authorization settings declined to prescribe the drug.

“If what they told me is true, then they are delegating responsibility to an administrator, not a licensed medical professional, so that’s concerning in its own right.”

“Never in 20 years in medicine have I seen prescriptions refused to be filled for political reasons like this,” Dr. James said.

“It was a huge stress on ourselves and our marriage; we felt helpless.”

Many of the symptoms of overdose from Ivermectin do so because they calculate the wrong dosage, trying to find a low-cost alternative to the C-19 treatments because of lack of health insurance.

After six hours from the first dose of Ivermectin, Kara felt immediate relief!

“There’s no denying that we became healthier as a result of Ivermectin,” Salier said. “It’s the only thing that my wife took, and her condition changed for the better so rapidly.”

“Ivermectin saved my life.”

Eight hours after taking Ivermectin, for the first time in 10 days, Bill was able to get out of bed and watch the sunset.

“The politicization of medicine, what these people are doing, is killing people. If this is being denied and it could have helped, surely these policies are killing people. What other conclusions could you draw?” Salier remarked.

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