VOTER FRAUD FACTORY: Second Carter Jones Report Explains Breakdown Of GA Election System! What’s Inside The Report?

At the beginning of this week, one Fulton County GA election official confessed that the chain of custody docs, legally required per state law, are nowhere to be found from the 2020 election.

The corrupted Secretary of State in GA, Brad Raffensperger, is the one to be blamed for the entire situation. It is the first time that someone admits the chain of custody docs are mission in GA.

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John Solomon and Just The News shared that an audit of the documents that were found shared more than 100 batches of ballots are missing in Fulton County, Georgia.

Probably this is the reason why they hired the best criminal defense lawyers.

The report contained 29 pages and shared that the election official was double-counting the ballots. In addition, Ruby Freeman was caught tripe counting sacks of ballots during the night once the observers left the chambers.

Carter Jones is the one who wrote the report, but in January, he shared 14 pages report on the election irregularities in Fulton.

The report has a couple of instances of voter fraud and a breakdown of the system.

Below you can read the 14-page document.

On the second page, he classifies the counting center in chaos with a lack of control. Chain of custody rules was not obeyed. Yet, it represented the largest ballot processing center in GA.

From December 4, we can see one video of anti-Trump ballot counter Ruby Freeman, who worked in a private cube with ballots, and she was walking by open boxes of votes, and no one was around her. It’s what we use as a definition for cheating.

From the video, we can see that Shaye and Ruby are close friends.

Moreover, we have another video of Ruby Freeman filming herself in the building to count the ballots. She passes by a few boxes of ballots in the room. Every election worker had its own secret cube.

We can see that there isn’t a supervisor from the video, and GOP observers aren’t there. This is very suspicious.

The Dems operatives were the ones who were running a voter fraud factory in the State Farm Center on Election Day!

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