Fauci Visibly Disturbed After Republicans Ditch Mask Mandates

Dr. Fauci was not happy with Texas and other red states this week for deciding to remove mask mandates and open the economy.

Fauci said these decisions to relax constraints are “inexplicable” during an interview on Thursday morning.

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“It’s really inexplicable that you’d want to retreat right now. “I understand the desire to return to normalcy, but you can set yourself back if you fully disregard public health guidelines,” Fauci said.

What Fauci fails to note is how many times he has changed his mind on the “public health recommendations” he is advising others to obey.

It started with “no masks,” then “masks,” then “wear goggles,” and finally “two masks.” When is he going to make his decision?

Watch his glum reaction to Texas returning to normal in the video below:


Texas was the first “shoe to drop,” as you might remember, when Governor Greg Abbott announced the following:

Biden responded by calling Texas and the red states that followed “neanderthals”:


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