VIROLOGIST: Omicron Looks Like Something A Vaccinologist Would Design on Purpose

The very inventor of the COVID jab, Dr. Robert Malone believes there is some very good news emerging from the rapid spread of the coronavirus, suggesting that God may have given the world a “Christmas present” in the form of the omicron variant.

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Appearing on the Fox News program “The Ingraham Angle,” he said omicron may well do what vaccines have not been able to fully accomplish to date: provide strong immunity.

“Omicron blows right through the vaccines and through the triple jab,” Malone said, referring to the two-round initial shots and the booster. “Omicron is very, very infectious and the data are already in that both the double and triple vaccination is not protecting you from omicron.

“Now, here’s the good news,” he continued. “The number of deaths from omicron worldwide is less than 10 to my last count.”

“If you believe in a God, this looks an awful lot like a Christmas present,” Malone said, pointing out that rather than going into the deep lungs as delta and other variants do, which can lead to serious illness, omicron has shifted to the upper airway, indicating that the virus is weakening.

“So the good news with omicron is a very low disease, highly infectious. It looks an awful lot to the experienced vaccinologist like a live-attenuated virus vaccine that you might design for purpose,” he contended. “This is about as good as we could possibly want right now in terms of outcomes.”

“The thing is with omicron, it has a reproductive coefficient — now that’s fancy medical epidemiology talk — but it has a reproductive coefficient with a measure of infectiveness that’s in the range of measles. It’s in the seven to 10 range.”

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