Viewers on Fox News Are Often Reminded That They Were “In On It…”

Fox News appears to be reverting to their old methods once more.

Fox News is once again burying any mention of electoral fraud in the 2020 election, despite a tiny attempt to redeem themselves with conservative viewers.

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They decided to cut Trump’s stream when he started talking about the November election and the many contradictions that surrounding it, but this time they went after a far bigger target.

It’s evident that Fox News is still involved in the cover-up of the 2020 election fraud.

On Wednesday, Fox News shut off live coverage of former President Donald Trump’s statements at the country’s southern border as he began outlining his suspicions of election fraud in 2020.

Despite the event’s massive advertising, the network abruptly returned to studio coverage after Trump declared victory in the 2020 presidential election.

During his speech, the former president added, “We had an election where we did considerably better than we did the previous time, and astonishingly, we lost.”

“I just want to express my gratitude to the people of Texas because we won by a large margin. Trump continued, “It wasn’t even close.”

He said, “We got 12 million more votes than the first time.”

“We better get our elections sorted out because you’re going to have a runaway country, a banana republic, a third-world country here pretty soon because our elections are a mess,” Trump added.

Fox News shut off the former president’s audio immediately after those remarks, but the network continued to cover the story from its New York location.

What are they doing over there, anyway?

Is it possible that they have no idea who their audience is or what they believe?

Apparently, Fox hasn’t been paying attention to the polls to see how Republicans feel about the 2020 race.


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