VIDEO: World’s Best Dad Lives Right Here In The USA

As a mom, I can tell you that allowing your children to misbehave is much easier than working hard to change their bad actions and teach them how to be good people.

That’s why you see so many crying and misbehaving kids in the supermarket – you watch as their parents scold them endlessly and nothing happens – or, worse, they miss the bad behavior entirely.

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This is not the case with this particular father. He’s a rock legend.

I knew I had to share this video with you after seeing it…this guy gets it. He fully comprehends and appreciates what it takes to be a good father, and he is working hard to teach his daughter how to be a good, respectful person.

We see a man and his daughter sitting on the hood of a car in the beginning of this video clip. The little girl is angry, and her father explains that she threw a fit while the family was shopping at Walmart. He claims that he doesn’t mind if children weep in the shop, but he does if they continue to cry after he orders them to stop.

AMEN to that!

Rather than encouraging the little girl to weep incessantly, he escorted her out of the store and led her back to the parking lot, where he told her she would stay until she was able to behave herself.

This is how you raise your children.

The following is a link to a video:

We’d have a lot less spoiled communist brats running around trying to ruin this country if we had more dads like this.

This is a very fortunate little girl.

She has a father who not only “gets it,” but also has the love and dedication to help his daughter grow up to be the best person on the planet.

More of this is needed.


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