VIDEO: “Woke” Pat Robertson is Now Pushing BLM Messaging to Christians

Many of Pat Robertson’s fans were taken aback on Thursday when he said in response to the Minneapolis police shooting last Sunday, “We don’t have the best in the police department.”

Robertson demonstrated the difference between these two things before stating, “There’s just no comparison.” When debating police officer Kim Potter’s argument that she mistook her sidearm for a taser in the killing of Daunte Wright last weekend, Robertson demonstrated the difference between these two things before saying, “There’s just no comparison.”

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“How she made the difference was when she shot that poor man to death and said, ‘This is what I thought was my taser,’” she said. And it’s nuts if you can’t tell the difference between how those things feel,” he added. “People, you know I’m pro-police. We need the police, we need their help, and they do a good job, but they can’t do anything if they don’t stop this onslaught.”

Robertson then tackled the viral video of Army Lt. Caron Nazario’s traffic stop in Virginia.

“You know, the police in Virginia picked up an Army lieutenant and started harassing him, and our state police are highly educated, so why don’t they stop this, and this thing in Minnesota with Derek Chauvin,” he said. “I say, they should throw him in jail.” Kneeling on George Floyd’s death has gotten him into a lot of trouble. I mean, what’s going on with his neck is just bad. And why don’t the cops see what’s going on in terms of public relations? They have to put a stop to this.”

“Perhaps they need additional training. Terry Meeuwsen, a co-host, added, “Consistent teaching.”


“I believe the issue is that they need to pay them more. “In the police department, we don’t have the best,” Robertson responded. “They’re low-wage workers, Terry. They don’t get enough —it’s not a matter of training; it’s a matter of recruiting a better workforce, which we aren’t doing. But we need cops, and we need to respect and honor them, and I’m all for it, but we can’t have a lot of clown cops running around that are underpaid and aren’t the best and brightest. We need the best people in there.”


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