VIDEO: Whoops! Nancy Pelosi Forgot She Was On Camera

Apparently, she wasn’t aware she was being filmed!

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Once again, you’re about to see just how big of a hypocrite Nancy Pelosi is. She is definitely not following the CDC rules, regarding mask policies. Nancy prudently claims that everyone that wants to talk on the House Floor has to wear a mask, even though the CDC clearly states that those who are fully vaccinated, don’t need to wear masks, as well as practice social distancing.

Apparently, the CDC rules are on a lower scale than Pelosi’s rules. Since she absolutely nagged the republicans who don’t wear their masks.

According to the report published by the Daily Mail,

“Several House Republicans were fined $500 bucks each for not wearing their masks on the chamber floor.

‘Best $500 I ever spent,’ Republican Rep. Brian Mast told NBC News. He refused to put his mask on even after a member of the House Sergeant at Arms’ office approached him on the chamber floor Tuesday evening, in full view of C-SPAN’s camera, and asked him to wear one.”

But, watch what happens when it is her in the House! She totally owns it!

You know what she deserves?

A bill for $500 bucks, as well as a box of brand new masks.


Ava Garcia

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