VIDEO: What Is Happening Behind Her Back, While She’s Giving An interview?!

The woman in this video is actually a professor from Mexico.

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Are they enforcing people from high academic backgrounds to give such announcements, so that people would value the opinion more? However, what happened behind her back, really proved the opposite message from the one she was trying to send.

“How do you feel right now, professor? -Emotional, with great joy for this new opportunity at life, at health, because they were huge experiences, very sad- –”

The reason for the collapse is still unknown.

And, here are some of the comments on this viral video I decided to share with you.

“I feel absolutely no sympathy for any of these ignorant uninformed opinionated braindead mask-wearing zombie sheeple who get injured from wearing masks or from taking the synthetic gene modifying nano pathogens of their own accord. There’s far too much information out there!”

“After being vaccinated women keep reporting problems with their menstrual cycle and the MSM refuses to cover it in any meaningful way.”

“It’s ok. Falling on the floor and twitching just means it’s working.”

“And people think this is ok!? The worlds gone mad!!!”

“As much as I believe this vaccine has the potential to be dangerous, I’m not buying that she had that adverse of a reaction minutes after receiving the vaccine. This looks like theater to me.”

“I’m no proponent of the shot, but you really don’t know what caused that.”


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