[VIDEO] Watch How Shocked Dr. Fauci Looks When Jim Jordan Goes Nuclear On Him

The “Great Dr. Fauci” has been revealed to be a dictator who has no idea what he’s talking about.

On the COVID debacle, Fauci has been all over the place. He’s advised us not to wear masks because they’re “comfort blankets” that make people feel safer, to asking us to wear one, then TWO masks, and even telling us we have to wear masks after we’ve been vaccinated.

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You can’t keep track of the pandemic’s messaging because it’s so confounding and contradictory.

Cases are supposedly “surging” in Michigan, but two members of Whitmer’s team are going on beach vacations without masks. Why aren’t her aides hunkered down in their homes with 18 masks on if the situation is so bad?

Then there’s the question of the boundary.

We’re supposed to be in the midst of a pandemic, and we’re told we can’t see our friends, but illegal aliens are crammed nose to nose in tiny spaces like sardines, and no one seems to mind.

Isn’t this a problem message for our illustrious elites? Do people like Fauci expect us to believe what they say, no matter how ridiculous it is?

Many of our rights have been taken away as a result of this procedure.

If you’re a BLM crowd rioting, you don’t have the freedom to gather…

Then, obviously, that’s fine.

None of this makes any sense, and when Dr. Fauci appeared before the House today, Jim Jordon fired with both barrels on the little weasel, and you could tell that Fauci was taken aback by Jordan’s aggressiveness.

That’s great. Make the worm squirm a bit.

The following is a link to a video:

The whole thing started with “15 days to slow the spread,” and now we’ve been at it for over a year with no end in sight.

COVID, believe me, has been extremely beneficial to Democrats.

They reclaimed the White House thanks to COVID mail-in ballots, and they can now hide their Alzheimer’s-affected “president” behind all things COVID.

We’re informed we won’t be able to see Joe’s huge and historic support because everybody who voted for him is following COVOD rules and staying within their homes.

Do you agree with me?

Obviously not. Nobody in their right mind does.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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