[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Criticizes Meghan Markle, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, And Oprah Winfrey! Stop Lying You’re Not The Victims!

After the Meghan Markle interview, Oprah Winfrey’s Show raised various comments.

Tucker Carlson harshly criticized every influential guest on this show, including Oprah herself, Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton. They reframed themselves on victims’ status, besides the fact that they are powerful and unimaginably wealthy.

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But, Tucker won’t comment on the royal family’s appearance on the show because Americans barely care for the royal family. The entire process is absurd.

He wanted to comment on the interview because currently, many rich, powerful, and privileged people reframe themselves as victims in the eyes of the audience, searching for their sympathy and pity.

This is very absurd!

Also, the former royal interview with Oprah reached every news on TV, and the other channels were going “wall to wall with it, they’re natural fan girls with no self-respect, so they love the royals.”

Carlson continued:
“But we’re Americans, and the idea of bringing you the details of a dispute within a decayed monarchy is a little too much like European history class, who cares?”

“It’s not like prince whatever-his-name-is and his angry wife from Los Angeles are compelling, you know exactly who they are: he’s weak and unhappy, she’s a manipulative opportunist. So who do you root for?”

Tucker Carlson revealed that he would investigate the situation in collaboration with his team, but once he saw Meghan Markle’s interview petty complaints, Carlson must address it!

“What she’s really saying is that despite her enormous wealth and fame… despite the fact that she’s literally a princess, sorry a duchess, she’s actually an oppressed victim. She may look powerful, but she’s powerless,”

Long story short, this is what bothered Carlson with the interview.

Many wealthy people share the same problem. They are trying to be the victims in the eyes of the public.

This is absurd, not only for Carlson but also for thousands or millions of people.
Besides Meghan and Harry, Tucker also emphasized Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton’s interviews. They also represented their selves as victims and oppressed.

Instead of sharing their problems and framing them as victims and oppressed, they should try to give back to those who have less than they do.

These people should help the real oppressed and victimized people because Michelle, Hillary, and Meghan aren’t telling the truth.


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