[VIDEO] Trump’s Got Meghan Markel’s ‘’Number’’

Trump is always right, beware Harry!

As we mentioned before, Meghan Markel is an opportunist, a toxic one! During her last interview with Oprah, she showed her real face.

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She started a full-blown war with the Royal Family, and she launched it by accusing them of being ‘’white supremacists.’’

Harry and Meghan accused a specific person from the Royal family because they worried how ‘’dark’’ their son Archie’s skin would be.
No, no, of course, they didn’t say the name of this person.

But, let’s face it! This is so cruel of them!

We all know that Meghan’s mother is black, so there must be a race mix.
Candace Owens commented on this issue. Take a look below.

Megan is evil!
If you didn’t know, let me introduce you to Meghan Markel, the drama queen!
Her life was never peaceful. There is always some chaos and upheaval. She is estranged from her family, a least most of them, and she is the reason!

You cannot find consistency; there are always some ups and downs. In every situation, she is the victim. If she is not, that Meghan isn’t satisfied.

She is a wrecking wall, and her wrath can survive only her!

Guess what?
No one nailed Meghan’s persona as Trump did.

Trump shared what a nasty, conniving woman she is!
On the internet, there is one video where Trump wished luck to Harry with his wife – ‘’He’s gonna need it.’’
Take a look at the entire video below.


It is unbelievable how Harry threw away his Royal family for one D-list actress. What did Meghan do for Harry?
She did the same as she always does; she blew it up!

If Meghan were a good woman, she would have tried to save Harry’s relationship with his family and do the best for the family and children.

But… after all, Meghan isn’t one of those good women.

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