VIDEO: This Short Clip is Even More Interesting With The New Info We’ve Got Regarding Jan 6th

A newly found 18-second video clip from January 6th is making the rounds on the internet.

There aren’t many people who have seen this, and it’s causing quite a stir online.

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The chaos on January 6th, like everything else related to the 2020 election, is shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories.

Many people believe that the events of January 6th were staged. They claim Pelosi disregarded “threats” and failed to adequately staff police for the throng in order to create as much havoc as possible. Many people believe that many of those who “stormed” the Capitol and committed the most destruction and violence were Antifa members.

Now, I don’t know if this is true, but rationally speaking, it’s pretty feasible and likely. Why wouldn’t they do anything like that, right? It appears to be a “no-brainer.”

However, I am unaware of any real research or investigation that has looked into this hypothesis (without political bias) and produced findings that people consider to be “fair.”

However, Tucker Carlson and Revolver.news are also speculating that the FBI may have been engaged in the chaos as well.

As a result, many people are left wondering and attempting to piece things together on their own.

This is when the strange video clip comes in.

Many people assume they’re looking at Antifa, not “MAGA” individuals, after watching this 18-second video of the first persons that broke into the building.

If you look closely, you’ll note that the folks storming in are all dressed in “Antifa black,” have tactical gear, and baseball bats… This is something we see with Antifa all the time.

Check it out for yourself:

Here are some of the responses from the internet:

“I had the exact same thought…

Is it just me, or do you believe this is antifa/blm posing as Trump supporters?”

“It was Antifa,” says the narrator. I believe the majority of the destruction was pre-planned.”

“It’s possible that they’re instigators. Keep in mind the bricks. It appears to be a ruse perpetrated by the deep state. Chances are, in my opinion, it may be.”

“I didn’t see any MAGA hats or American flags, either.”

“That is NOT MAGA,” says the narrator.

“I believe it was pre-planned. People, this isn’t MAGA. Not the ones I’m familiar with.”

“Can you tell me where all the flannels, overalls, and MAGA caps are?”

“The time is a little hazy, but it appears to be 13….. around 1 p.m. At the time, Trump was still speaking at a rally…. I could be wrong, but something smells fishy.”

“This is 100% Antifa right here,” says the speaker.

“It appears to be Antifa.”

I’m not sure who the people in this video are.

However, as someone who has covered a lot of Antifa video, I can tell you that these folks look and move just like them.

I’ve also covered a number of “Trump rallies” and other events, and I’ve never seen somebody who looks and moves like this anywhere near a Trump event in the last five years.

No, not even once.

So, take it with a grain of salt; it’s absolutely not official, and it’s just an observation from someone who’s been following “Trumpy” issues for a long time.



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