Video: This May Possibly Be One of The Funniest CNN Parodies You’ll Ever See…

Jeffrey Toobin of CNN has been humiliated in the most graphic way possible for the past eight months.

If you recall, Toobin revealed his private parts on a now-famous Zoom chat and was quickly shunned by his coworkers at The New Yorker when they saw them.

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However, CNN, which had placed Toobin on leave following the event, has suddenly brought him back, and his comeback was beyond pitiful.

Take a look:

CNN’s most desperate move and lowest moment in a long time has to be this.

Why can’t they simply hire another legal analyst?

Jeffry Toobin wasn’t exactly a fantastic player to begin with.

Needless to say, CNN is being widely chastised – but I think I’ve found the best “lambasting” clip yet.

It’s a great spoof video that perfectly captures CNN’s absurdity.

During Alissyn Camerota’s conversation with Toobin, the woman in the video pretends to be a CNN producer giving her pointers.

This is fantastic material, but be aware that it contains some “adult language.”

Watch the following video:

This will go down as one of CNN’s most blunder-filled judgments.

Clearly, it’s merely a ruse to garner more media attention.


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