VIDEO: The Tucker Carlson Mask Rant Going Viral

Since his incredible monologue about wearing masks went viral, Tucker Carlson has been trending on the internet.

As you might be aware, Dr. Fauci and his ilk have been claiming for the past year that going out in public without a mask is unsafe for Everyone.

Carlson, on the other hand, has just taken a blowtorch to the whole debate in a monologue that you must watch from beginning to end.

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If you can recall back to May of last year, the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, gave the following order to the people he oversees: “Bring your mask with you whenever you leave home.” That will assist us in gaining more freedoms,” concludes the quote.

To put it lightly, Eric Garcetti isn’t much of an orator, but that was a memorable quote, mainly because of the unanswered questions it posed. Is it, for example, possible to spread the coronavirus outside? It is, of course, the first and most obvious issue. And, more importantly, since when is a city mayor in charge of distributing America’s liberties? Aren’t those freedoms protected by the Constitution, the document that governs the United States?

It would have been good to get some answers to those questions. Unfortunately, many people were so afraid of the latest pandemic at the time that no one thought to ask those questions. People simply followed orders.

That was a significant change, and other politicians were watching it unfold.

They saw a smarmy non-entity like Eric Garcetti, a guy you wouldn’t trust to clean your pool, gain unparalleled godlike new powers simply by saying, “Cover your face.” Okay, sir/madam. It’s not a bad ruse.

Other politicians, understandably, wanted a piece of that influence. It is for this reason that they are in business: to gain control. So they did just what Eric Garcetti did, and no one objected once more.

In San Francisco, residents were required to wear masks when running outside. “You ought to be wearing a face-covering while you’re out exercising,” the mayor of Boston said, extending the rule to all outdoor physical activity.

Demands like that would be hard to render in a working democracy like the one we had just a few years ago. A politician will prefer that you wear a mask outside, but he won’t be able to force you to do so. At best, he’d have to ask you politely, show you the science, and then try to persuade you, one adult to another, to take his advice. It would be up to him to make his case; it would not be up to you to follow the order.

But, during the course of the corona pandemic, the situation was reversed, and it occurred because vast numbers of people were unable to prevent it from occurring, so it did. And as time went by, it became more irrational and detached from science.

For example, the state of Michigan now needs children as young as two to wear facemasks when in quote, “public spaces” and places like camps or daycare centers, more than 15 months after we first told you about the spread of this strange new virus in China. That is an order, not a suggestion. They’re all the same.


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