VIDEO: The Eye Opening Theory On The Bill By Trish Regan

Everyone has a hidden agenda in the political world. However, the Democrats are like a cabbage – every new leaf is yet another secret to keep you away from the truth and the true plan is hidden waaaay down beneath.

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Do you remember this attractive woman, who used to be a part of Fox News, before the “globalist” sweep-out?

Well, she seems to be back on track! After praising President Trump and got fired over it, had a chat with Buck Sexton, the conservative pundit, regarding the COVID 19 relief bill, and the “real motives” for making it just the way it is.

This is the absolutely perfect explanation of how they are taking advantage of the whole COVID 19 situation as a masquerade to get out more wealth for them. From the state. From the taxpayer’s money and their shallow pockets…

“Democrats are politicizing coronavirus in an attempt to have a massive wealth transfer,” started Trish with her statement.

“I said a year ago they had politicized coronavirus in an attempt to take down the [Trump] administration,” continued Regan. “Well, now they’re politicizing coronavirus in an attempt to have a massive wealth transfer. And again, it’s just a down payment. This is the way of the future. They want a big government. They want lots of spending, and they want to be able to bail out all these blue states that made bad decisions.”

“This is money we do not have. This is money we should not be spending right now. I mean, look, if you said to me, OK, 10 months ago we needed this because they had to shut down the entire economy and kind of get it. But right now, you know what [Biden] said, we’re at war with the virus. Sure, we’ve been at war. And guess what? We’re winning the war and we’re now near the end of the war.”

The cards have been dealt in their favor – the COVID 19 struck while President Trump was still in the White House and it had a huge unwanted effect on the economy – which would be the same or worse if someone else was a president during the time. Ans as communists always practice – they step in to solve the problem! Blaming it on Trump and the administration – when it’s perfectly understandable that is an unpredictable natural cause.


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