VIDEO: The 101 List Of Facts You Must Know Before Getting The COVID Vaccine

In this article – we offer you a whole palette of videos with facts about the COVID 19 and vaccination protocols.

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This “special selection” mix was made by the team of Life Site News, and I personally can just say “Thanks a lot guys! This is a treasure!”

In each video, you may find different backgrounds, different scientific approaches, and different variations of symptoms, vaccines as well as previous health states of the people.

It is important to be fully informed by facts before making a decision that could have lifelong impacts.

The vaccine is needed. But is it safe for everyone? Which is the minimum age limit for people to absolutely need to get vaccinated?

Many questions have not been still answered, since there’s been a little more than a year since we have been shaken by this pandemia.

Additionally, one should consider the need for a vaccine for the coronavirus in general. The mortality rate of the virus has been shown to be the same or less than that of the annual flu and alternative treatments have been shown to be highly effective.

Here’s the link to the complete series of videos.

Enjoy and learn a great deal of information!

Share it with the people who still haven’t revealed them!


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