VIDEO: Ted Cruz Finally Released His Fury

The nightmare the Cruzes went through because of the leakage of personal information, made their life living hell.

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And Senator Ted Cruz finally decided to push back with the comments.

Especially since his wife felt personally threatened and intensively upset since the leaking information came from close friends of her. When someone has their trust played and the whole nation finds out about it – imagine the shock!

Their long-planned family vacation was a controversy since it happened in the middle of the energy crisis in Texas.


Commenting on a “Ruthless” podcast this Tuesday, he said that he was truly annoyed by his close neighbors, that without hesitation and despite the fact they’re neighbors, immediately put out signs saying “Beto”. This means they would support him, Beto O’Rourke, instead of his challenger and their neighbor, which was really offensive for Ted Cruz.

Cruz added, “you know, I didn’t, like, hold a victory party on their front yards when we won.”

He also added that his wife, Heidi is really disappointed and pissed from the leakage information that came from a close friend of hers, after she told them they’re leaving for the long-planned family trip in a private group chat.



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