VIDEO: SS Agent Discovers What Really Lies Behind Biden’s “Stutter”

Joe Biden’s mental health issues are a very famous topic lately.

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However, as much as we want to believe he’s A-OK, it seems that’s not the whole story.
And, as this media network’s propaganda has been going on for a while now (cheering for Biden), they’re holding onto a lot of different information on a lot of different subjects.

And apparently, Joe Biden’s “childhood stutter” is one of them as well…
This topic was discussed in the air, directly on Fox News TV. By no other than former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino. And as a person with his past and dignity, he has shared intel coming directly from SS sources.

Sean Hannity from Fox News asked:“You’re a former Secret Service agent. Are you saying that if we were to bring on Secret Service agents, they would confirm what you are saying?”

Here’s what agent Dan answered: “Well, they call it the Secret Service for a reason, but I maintain a lot of contacts outside of even law enforcement, and I’m telling you, from what I’ve heard from people in my network, everyone knows how bad it is. Everyone. It’s not a mystery. It is the worst-kept secret in the White House. And how they can — think about this –we’re only in the second month of this. How bad is this going to be four years from now? This is a serious problem. It’s not a joke.”

And to get back to the subject – I’ve searched and dug for videos, family photos, or doctor’s anamnesis to prove the stutter. I’ve found nothing.

Have you found some proof of Biden’s “stutter”?

If yes, please share in the Telegram chat room, or just tell us what you think regarding this enormous lie, that’s about time to end!


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