VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani Talks With Tucker Carlson After FBI Raid

Rudy Giuliani made his first public appearance since the FBI raid on his home on Tucker Carlson’s show.

During the interview with Tucker, he was quoted as saying that the raid was “discredited.”

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The raid was needless because I offered two years ago to hand over my electronic devices to federal prosecutors and discuss it with them. They were also content to take my word for it that these were Hunter Biden’s hard drives. They may have been Donald Trump’s, after all. It’s possible they belonged to Vladimir Putin. They could have belonged to someone. But they put their faith in me, the guy who had to be raided first thing in the morning,” he explained.

After the FBI raided his house, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani gave his first television interview on Tucker Carlson on Thursday night.

Federal prosecutors executed a search warrant on Giuliani’s Upper East Side apartment on Wednesday morning in connection with Giuliani’s suspected unregistered lobbying for foreign governments. A number of electronic devices belonging to the former mayor were confiscated.

Seven FBI agents arrived at Giuliani’s home about 6:00 a.m. with a warrant for electronics, according to Carlson. He said that he had offered to hand over his devices to the government for two years and that the warrant caught him off guard, claiming that even FBI agents appeared “somewhat apologetic.” According to Giuliani, the agents took seven or eight of his computers and two of someone else’s.

Hunter Biden’s hard drives were not taken by the FBI, according to Giuliani.


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