[VIDEO] Robbery By Four Women! The Cashier Gets Punched And Spat!

Everything happened because the four women weren’t satisfied with their order.

The robbery happened because of Popeye’s order from a restaurant in Florida. One customer in the drive-thru line recorded the entire incident, a violent strong-arm robbery in the drive-thru lane of the Popeyes previous Tuesday.

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The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office stated that the criminal act happened when the passenger started an argument with the cashier, and one girl spat on him. Following this disgusting move, her friend took part in the fight, and they started punching the cashier.

According to the deputy’s statement, the argument transformed into a robbery when the women reached for the cash drawer!

“One of the female suspects reached into the window and grabbed money from the register,” department officials said in a statement.

The four unidentified bandits then got back into the Sentra — which had a Florida license plate, GVZP04 — and drove off, police said.

No arrests had been made in the incident as of early Wednesday, sheriff’s officials told The Post.

“This investigation is still very active and ongoing,” a spokeswoman for the department wrote in an email.

Anyone who can identify the women from the footage should contact Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County at (800) 458-TIPS.”- From New York Post

You can see the video below.

People are crazy!

Besides the rule that no one should act this way, don’t you girls think that we all own a smartphone, and we wouldn’t forget to record the entire argument?

After the video emerged, the police took their license plate number. What do you think? How long will they need to arrest them?

The women will quickly end up behind bars.

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