[VIDEO] Reporters Force Jen Psaki To Tell Where The Hell Is Joe Biden???

Jen, you cannot cover Biden forever!

The Democrats think that we are stupid so that they can hide Biden!

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Sometimes I just look at Dems’ actions and wonder what’s happening inside their heads?

The entire situation will become a synonym for ‘’Weekend at Bernie’s,’’ which will happen very soon. Perhaps, the Democrats want to take out Biden in front of the public only for some ‘’special occasions.’’

Where is the SOTUS address???

Americans have already started asking so many questions. You cannot hide Biden!
Maybe the Americans cannot ask anything directly, Psaki or Biden, but the press can. So, they are doing precisely that!

The press is asking where Biden is.

In the video, which is attached below, you can see how the frustrated reports are pressuring Pskai to say something about Biden.

Where the heck is Biden???

As a response to this, Psaki dodged those questions like a teenager with their learning technique.

Take a look at the video.

The Western Journal shared:

‘’President Joe Biden holds the record for a president who has gone the longest without holding a media briefing, and on Friday, a reporter finally held his administration’s feet to the fire over it.

Was it opposite day, or had Biden’s lack of transparency finally gotten so severe that even the biased, no-good leftist establishment media had to finally ask the question: Where the heck is Joe Biden?

It didn’t appear to be opposite day on Friday, as White House press secretary Jen Psaki was still evasive as ever, so it appears even the activist media has its breaking point. That breaking point is apparently 45 days.

Tired of being ignored, or having their shouted questions at him half answered, a reporter in the White House media pool finally asked Psaki questions about her boss and his whereabouts.

“So we’re 45 days into the Biden presidency, and he has yet to hold a presser. At this point in past presidencies, every president, you know, from Reagan, had addressed reporters — some of them multiple times. So why the delay, and when can we expect the president to hold a press conference?” Psaki was asked.’’

We can guess that Kamala Harris will replace Biden very soon regarding their steps.

But, man, they need to keep Biden in for longer.

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