[VIDEO] Remember When Our POTUS Fearlessly Confronted Reporters?

Remember when we had a president who was fearless, said what he said, and fought the press like a warrior?

That was back in the day. It’s now the polar opposite.

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I believe we’ve reached, or are approaching, the 50th day since Biden hasn’t held a press conference.

At this point, it’s a kind of “Guinness World Record.”

And we’re all aware of why this is taking place.

Joe can’t handle questions – he can’t even deliver practiced lines from a giant teleprompter.

He’s a shambles.

But it wasn’t always like this – there was a time when things were easier…

I came across a video clip of President Trump that encapsulates those happier times…

Here he is, swarming the press like a BOSS!

I knew you’d enjoy seeing this again when I saw it.

Look at this:

This is unquestionably a Masterpiece… It’ll go down in history…boy, do we miss (and need) President Trump.

Can you imagine Biden being able to do something like this – talk to the media in such a brazen, amusing, and commanding manner?

No way, that won’t happen. He’s deteriorating by the day.

It’s ludicrous that we now have a “president” who can’t even engage the press on his own – and if he can’t do that, what else “can’t” he do?


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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